by Summoner

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released February 28, 2012

All songs written and performed by Summoner

Produced by Summoner

Engineered and Mixed by AJ Peters and Chris Johnson at Q Division Studios Somerville, MA.

Mastered by James Plotkin

Cover Art by Alyssa Maucere



all rights reserved


Summoner Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: The Interloper
In a dying town
across the endless sea of sand
death awaits the followers too blind to see
The interloper. The chosen one
Crucify them in the dust
Their time has come

In his eyes/in his hands
Relentless in the hunt
the deathless one will bury them all

Betrayer on cloven hoof
Like an iron fist
he will bring the hammer down
Their voices rise and fall
One above them all
Their eyes pierce through the shadows
rank with hate and fear

The world is moving on
back into the sea
Bound for the setting sun
none left to speak
There in the failing light
the bodies left behind
Set sail through tides of sand
if only in my mind
Track Name: Winged Hessians
Winged Hessians ride
through the outer realms
past the ancient fjords
where elders wait

Sky riders ascend
up the misty mountain
to the fire breather
Awaken at last

The alter brought down
Ancient rites silenced
The order of the moon
A time to rise

Dormant spirit in black
break free of sleep
return to reign once more
Take back your throne
Track Name: Conjuring
Sands shifting under feet
Luring siren's call
Cast down from skies

Within the shadows of the mountain
Past the great divide
Melds time and space

Beyond horizons
where the black swans lie
A tempest rises
bringing endless night

What the tide brings
A dark change
A new doom has come
Track Name: Let the Light In
Voices carry in the night
Winter's chill
has eased its grip
I'm lying still
with old ghosts
while cool breeze passes over me

I watched the dead sun set
under a burning sky
High above it all I see
my time pass by
Now in the emptiness
the last fading light
Darkness consuming me
as it all goes black

Let the Light In
Track Name: Phoenix
Phoenix spreading wings
lights up the sky
paves the road on
for the druid march

Rays of sun burn down
like chariots from the sky
Alter time and space
The path is long and slow

In the sun city
Begin life anew
Descendant of Agenor
from the ashes rise
Track Name: Across Iron Fields
Sun burns my soul

Through the iron fields
where the sand meets sky
A vast stretch of nothingness
All that's left behind
Then in blinding light
a horizon reveals
peaks rising to the sky
Our fate is sealed

Through the Iron Fields
over desert sands
we march to the sea
leave behind the sun

There in the distance
where the land meets sea
hear voices on the wind
cry out to me

There on distant shore
I am whole again
The journey to the sea
has led me and left here
Track Name: Reclaimer
Down from the hill
that washed away
a foreign wind

Up from below
drawn into sky
crawling over land

The Sea no longer guides on
Weathered eyes look to the sky

These barren lands
once buried deep
below the tide

Now desert sea
descend to dust
Return to Earth again

Red sun black sky
Surrender to the void
burning to my soul
Track Name: Dead Moon
Dead Moon rising
Open floodgates
Come down in waves
Everlasting night, the end of days.

Echoes in silence radiate and fall like rays of fire

Harvest of fire
lights up a starless sky
Dead moons rising
sets eyes ablaze with burning light
We watched the towers fall
Within the shadows
among the ruins
secrets held behind the vale